April 2019

“There is a Brazilian saying that says ‘carnival affair doesn’t go up the mountain’. It was the unofficial carnival opening when Helio and I kissed for the first time. Rio de Janeiro, midsummer, 40C, one Capricorn and one Virgo. There was no better time to know each other than the party of the flesh, of bodies’ cult, of passion and samba. “Bixinho” is an affectionate term used in north-eastern Brazil to refer to someone close, and it is different affections that the images here present – the affection of the photographer for the art of photography, the romantic and sexual affection between two lovers, the affection of friendship. These photos can be a gun for those who hate, for those who try to deny our very existence, our love, our family. But our intention is not to hurt. Yes, we are fighters, but if our art and our bodies can be weapons, we choose to fight side-by-side with the ones who love, always staying strong, staying together. In the midst of chaos, hope resists, Marielle Vive!”
A photobook with over 70 color pictures celebrating love, desire and sex in Rio de Janeiro. 

Leistungen: Artdirektion / Editorial Design / Grafik / Layout


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